Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

Current total: $3,671,859

Pavers sold to date: 126

April 13, 2018

March 29, 2018 Progress photos
April 10, 2018 Progress photos

Building Construction Update

The construction site has been bustling for the past few weeks.  We are currently on the 3rd week of installing structural steel.  Everything has gone well and the pieces are fitting together very nicely.  Novel Iron Works has done an exceptional job fabricating our steel!  

We have started installing metal roof decking and have received two large loads of acoustical deck for the gym and stage area.  The high roof joists and girders arrived and have already started to be placed.  

Ray Labbe & Sons have begun installation of the sewer manholes and piping along the west side of the project.  They also plan to start installing the water line soon.  

Al's Plumbing has already arrived to begin laying plumbing under the soon to be slab.  Things are moving along nicely!

Our fundraising committee meets monthly to discuss new ways to find donors to help us close the gap for our funding.  We are always looking for volunteers to help when we plan events.  If you are interested in joining our committee or if you would like to be on the volunteer list, please call the office and let Charleen Foley know.

There are several ways you can help us reach our financial goal of $4.7 Million:

Email or call 207-725-2624 with any questions!

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