Founded on Faith, Building the Future Campaign

Founded on Faith, Building the Future Campaign

Goal: $4.7 M
Todays total: $4,314,413

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Monetary support: 
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Furnishing Opportunities still available!

Gym Equipment                                               $42,000
Audio / Video System                                     $30,000
Stage Curtains                                                  $30,000
Bleachers                                                           $16,500
Wheelchair Lift                                                 $16,000
Public Address & Phone System                    $15,000
Security & Safety System                                $15,000
300 Chairs w/Carts                                           $12,500
Gym Curtain                                                       $10,000
Lockers                                                                  $7,200
Granite Benches (x4)                                          $5,000 ea.
Stain Glass Windows - Chapel (x5)                   $5,000 ea.
Basketball Nets (x5)                                            $5,000 ea.
Trees (x7)                                                              $3,500 ea.
ke Rack                                                               $2,500
Indoor Couch & Bench                                        $2,000

Naming opportunities:
Multipurpose Facility                      $1,500,000
Gymnasium - hall                               $250,000
Stage - complete                                 $100,000
Conference room - complete               $50,000

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Estate Planning

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Need to make a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA?   We can save you $$ on your taxes! Call 207-443-3423 and ask for Charleen to discuss details.

All donations to the Founded on Faith, Building the future campaign are tax-deductible. For questions on these opportunies and on the Founded on Faith, Building the Future Campaign and the progress of our new building, please call Charleen Foley at 207-443-3423 or email at