Parish Finance Council


This commission is responsible for assuring the necessary material resources-land, buildings and finances-that will enable the parish to carry out the mission of Christ. Their responsibilities include: preparing the annual budget and financial report, fund raising, planning new construction, maintaining an inventory of parish facilities, overseeing buildings and grounds, and educating parishioners on financial priorities of the parish.

The Finance Commission provides advice and recommendations to the Pastor concerning the Stewardship of the parish’s fiscal resources, including conducting long range financial planning to support the mission of the parish and also working with all commissions in financial matters. The Commission meets once a month and is supported by local finance and facilities committees at the local churches. The current Parish Finance Council membership includes:

Finance Council Members and Staff 
Rev. Thomas Murphy, Pastor
Our Lady Queen of Peace:  I
Our Lady Queen of Peace:  Martha Barrett
St. Ambrose:  Diane Humphrey
St. Charles: Gerald Donovan
St. Charles: 
St. John:  Peter Asquith
St. John: 
St. Mary:  Lori Boulay (Chairperson)
St. Patrick:  Edward Polewarczyk
Parochial Vicar: Rev. Rob Lupo
Staff: Charleen Foley, Business Coordinator
Staff: Dr. Martha Corkery, Pastoral Life Coordinator
Staff: Dr. Martha Corkery, Interim Principal

2016 Meeting Dates-6:30 P.M.
May 19, 2016-Our Lady Queen of Peace
July 21, 2016-St. Patrick
September 15, 2016-St. Ambrose
December 15, 2016-St. Charles

Meeting Minutes January 17th 2017
Meeting Minutes November 17, 2016

"You are well acquainted with the favor shown you by Our Lord Jesus Christ: how for your sake he made himself poor though he was rich, so that you might become rich by his poverty ... The willingness to give should accord with one's means, not go beyond them. The relief of others ought not to impoverish you; there should be certain be a certain equality. Your plenty at the present time should supply their need so that their surplus may one day supply your need, with equality as the result." (2 Corinthians 8: 9, 12-14)