As Christ said, "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethen, that you do unto me." (source) Throughout our seven churches, All Saints parishioners reach out to help others both near and far. The links at the right are just a sampling of the many wonderful ways that we share our "time, talent and treasure" with others.



The list of liturgical ministries is not complete at this time.  More information will be added soon. If you would like to reach any of the ministry contacts please call the Parish office at 725-2624.

Altar Servers
OLQP: Bob Splaine
St. Ambrose:  Angela Boivin 
St. Charles:  Barbara Pianka  207-725-2624
St. John: 
St. Mary:  Tony Masulaitis  207-443-5389

Baptism Coordinators
St. Patrick:  Martha Corkery  207-725-2624
St. Charles:  Marcy Brenner  207-725-2624

Coordinators of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
OLQP: Bob Splaine
St. Ambrose: 
St. Charles:  Martha Corkery  207-725-2624
St. John:  Teresa Russell
St. Mary:  Tony and Treva Masulaitis  207-443-5389

OLQP:  Ron Bastian
St. Ambrose: 
St. Charles:  Dorothy Burgess
St. Mary:  Charles Burnham  207-443-3407
St. Mary:  Millie & Maurice Bernier

Liturgical Environment Coordinator
OLQP: Chris & Bob Splaine
St. Charles:  Marcelle Lachance
St. John:  Monica Theberge
St. Mary:  Elizabeth Smith 207-443-5802
St. Mary:  Gretchen MacLeod

Music Ministries including Choirs and Cantors
Our Lady Queen of Peace:
St. Ambrose:  Nan O'Sullivan  207-656-2160
St. Charles:  Jeannette Belanger 207-725-8498
St. John:  Gil Peterson  207-725-2624
St. Mary:  Louine Gagnon  207-442-0388
St. Patrick:  Jennifer McIvor  207-563-3240

OLQP: Bob Splaine
St. Ambrose: 
St. Charles:  Liz Allen 207-522-7140
St. John:  Jeanne Sutton
St. Mary:  Jim DeMartini  207-443-5335

Ministers of Hospitality
OLQP:  Ron Bastian
St. Ambrose:

Mass Coordinator
St. Charles: 
St. John: 
St. Katharine Drexel:  Barbara Pianka
St. Mary: Joann Finn-207-443-9343;Charles Burnham-207-443-3407;Tony Masulaitis-207-443-4389

Hospitality Celebrations
OLQP: Peggy Keegan


The list of ministries is not complete at this time.  More information will be added soon. If you would like to reach any of the ministry contacts please call the Parish office at 725-2624.

Bereavement/Grief Support
St. Patrick:  John Nolan
St. Charles:

Cards of Support
OLQP: Chris Bastian

Clothing Exchange/Clothing Drive
St. Patrick:  Carrie Watson

Coffee & Doughnuts
OLQP: Peggy Keegan
St. Charles:  Marcy Brenner
St. Mary:  Clare Shumaker

Corporal Works of Mercy
St. Mary:  Bernie Wyman-207-443-4706 & Craig Burgess

St. Mary:

Eucharistic Adoration
Bea Kelly:  207-725-4011
Joann Finn:  207-443-9343

Food Bank/Food Box
OLQP: Bawn Clifton
St. Mary:  Chris Cloutier-207-751-0062
St. Patrick:  Mimi McMconnell
St. Patrick:  Bob Schollard

Loaves & Fishes
Kathleen Homan

Ministry of Care & Hospital Ministry
St. Charles:  Helen Kincaid & Martha Corkery
St. John: Elizabeth Huntley & Martha Corkery

Communion to Homebound & Hospitals
St. Patrick:  Marie Sabin
OLQP: Elaine Fogarty
St. Mary's: Carla Burnham-207-443-3407 & Treva Masulaitis-207-443-5389

Offering of Letters (Bread for the World)
St. Charles:  Frank Wnek
St. Mary:  Carla Burnham-207-443-3407
St. Patrick's: Mimi McConnell

Parish Life (Church Life)
Our Lady Queen of Peace:  Becky Alley
St. Charles: see list of contact people
St. John:  Joe Donovick
St. Mary:
St. Patrick:  Bernadette Steele

Sew Blessed
St. John: Linda May Lawler

Social Justice & Peace
OLQP: Warm Spaces, Meals on Wheels, Food Pantry & Letters to Prisioners (call the office)
St. Ambrose:  Angela Boivin  207-737-4713
St. Charles:  Roger Brodeur
St. John:  Norm Houde & Doris Ouellette
St. Mary:  Chris Cloutier-207-751-0062
St. Patrick:  Bob Conger  207-677-3403

Soup Kitchen
St. Mary: Chris Cloutier-207-751-0062

Tedford Meal a Month
St. John's: Denise Courtenmache

Thanksgiving Drive/Baskets
St. Patrick:  Carrie Watson

Funeral Receptions
St. Charles:  Barbara Pianka
St. Mary:  Pauline Flemmings-207-443-6170; Nancy Hartford-207-522-9244
St. Patrick:  Betty Cizek

Church Laundry
OLQP: Gloria Taliana & Chris Splaine
St. Charles:  Ken Hench
St. Mary:  Jean Applebee-207-882-5098
St. Patrick:  Patti Schaaf
St. Patrick:  Cathy Hopkins

Healing Bear Ministry
St. Charles:  Leo & Maxine Robichaud
St. Mary:  Pat Silva &  Clare Shumaker           

Kairos-outreach mission to Maine State Prison
Tim Clark

Healing Team
St. Mary:  Jack Henderson

This section of the site is still in process.  We would love to hear from you if you can help fill in the missing information. Please call the parish office at 207-725-2624 if you have information for us or you may e-mail us at .